quinta-feira, 4 de junho de 2009

Melting Away...


Melted away
High hopes that this was forever
Melted away
High hopes that this one would last
Came in the spring
Left with a change in the weather
We couldn't make high summer last
We couldn't help spoiling perfection
I knew I could make you reject me
Then hate me
Then leave me
Suffering for the man on the cross
Must have got me
When I was young
Suffering sins
Foolish way to feel deeply
When will it change
Melting Away
Fall, fall from a tree in the garden
So peaceful
So serene
Land, land in the chaos of freedom
Such choices
Such choices
When I'm with you
I want to be with another
When I'm with her
I want to be on my own
When I'm alone
I feel so restless and lonely
Who was the fool who made me feel this way
Say that this life has no meaning
No purpose
Live and die
Believe there must be a learning
A loving
A leaving
Melted away
From who was making me happy
Don't feel I deserve
Making me pay
For all this love and this loving
Please return
Won't you please return
Won't you please return

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